Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Game-plan on How to Pick Up Chicks on Halloween

One of the BEST pick-up holidays of the year is right around the corner.

Face it - if you were going to go out and meet a chick, Halloween is the time to do so.

Why? Because - Halloween makes women more exhibitionist!

There's something so much more freeing about dressing up and pretending to be someone you aren't.

This means that on Halloween night, women will tend to be more out-going, more flirtatious,and much more FRISKY than they normally would be!

Not only that - but Halloween is a time for parties!

This means "easy pickings" for all you Pick-Up Artists out there.

So here are some tips for a fun, successful Halloween night:

1. Plan ahead!

Halloween usually means lots of special events and parties. Try and get a line on as many Halloween parties and gatherings as you can.

Ask your friends, check your local paper, and write down every event which sounds good to you. Plan on hitting all of them if you can. If you find a good event, you can stay there, but it's always nice to have alternatives!

2. Have a great costume!

Halloween is the one day out of the year where guys can get away with MURDER.

The best costumes for getting chicks on Halloweenare usually sexual in nature.

Last year, I wore a lab coat with the letters "Breast Inspector" on it, and had a stethoscope around my neck.

All night long, I had women coming up to me asking to have their breasts inspected! That is the power of having a great costume!

3. Take advantage of the night!

Don't just settle for a phone number on Halloween. This is a night to push for the FULL MONTEY.

After Halloween is over, the "magic" will wear off and the women you meet won't be as out-going. You want to strike while the iron is HOT!

So push hard for getting physical with any girl you meet on Halloween. Trust me - it WILL work!


Thursday, October 23, 2008

How to Get the Girl You Like, to Notice You

Have you ever liked a girl, but she never knew you existed?

Tell me if this sounds familiar:

You see an absolutely drop-dead gorgeous girl you are instantly attracted to..

You keep your distance, admiring her from afar, imagining all the wonderful times the two of you could have together..

In the blink of an eye, it's as though you and her have lived a life-time together, and you're convinced "she's the one"..

But for some reason, no matter how much you send out your "vibe", she doesn't seem to notice you!

And whenever you talk to her (should you work up the courage to do so), you can't tell if she's feeling the same way about you that you are about her..

You WANT to ask her out, you WANT her to like you..

But you just don't know how.

Welcome to hell, my friend - the hell of not being noticed by the girl of your dreams.

Don't fear, we've all been there before. The trick here to find romantic success is actually very simple..

See, most guys in this situation will do one of two things:

1. They'll sit around and wait for the girl to ask them out - or show some sign that she feels the same way as they do.

2. They'll jump the gun and ask her out before they establish any type of connection with her.

Either way, these plans of action NEVER work.

Girls WILL NOT ask you out. They're just not used to it. The burden is on the guy to take the initiative.

Also, girls WILL NOT usually accept your offer to go out on a date, if you haven't tried to generate attraction, interest, or rapport with her before-hand.

Understand: just because you feel an emotion, and you have already convinced yourself that you're meant for this girl, DOES NOT mean she has experienced those same emotions..

Your job, as a man, is to help the girl of your desires to feel those emotions!

Otherwise, you won't succeed in getting her to notice you, let alone GO OUT with you.

If you really want to get success with girls, and get them to notice you, here's the basics of what you have to do:

1. Approach the girl, the RIGHT way: The first step in getting any girl to notice you is to meet them. You actually have to WALK UP to the girl, look her in the eyes, and engage her in a conversation. And, you have to do so in a way that is not annoying, imposing, or needy!

2. Create feelings of connection: This is what some might call that "click" or "chemistry". Creating feelings of connection are all about fostering feelings of trust and comfort with women. Too often, guys make the mistake of being a "gender neutral" friend. But creating connections is about finding similarities between you and the girl, so the two of you feel some sort of a conncetion or a bond.

3. Create feelings of sexual tension: This is also known as "flirting". Most guys don't bother to do this, and because of that, they get stuck as "just friends". You HAVE to know how to flirt with the girl, if you want her to start seeing you as a possible romantic interest.

You have to know how to stir within her those feelings of desire and attraction!

Otherwise, you're just another one of those "nice guys" she knows in her life.

If you can do all three of these things, you can get any girl you like, to notice go out there, and Get the Girl!


Sunday, October 5, 2008

Flirting: Some Quick Tips on How to Flirt with Women

It's been a while, yes, yes, I know..and I've got to admit: I've missed my blog.

A LOT has been going on, especially with school and pick-up: exams were good, and I've been making headway with a number of girls despite my crazy-busy schedule [a bunch of #closes, some solid seeds growing, etc].

The problem: no..fuckin..time!

It's costing me girls I've been slowly setting up, despite the rough school schedule, AND it cost me joining Mehow's crew as a coach for the entire Central America/Caribbean/South America region..more on that another time..for now, let's just leave it at "fuuuuuuuuck!!"

HBAmazonian is quickly becoming my one-itis, though..and I can't figure her out - physically, all the signs are there, and yet verbally, she's playing me..and pretty damn well, too! I got her number, but not after some awkward game-play and situation barriers..and I'm even more confused now than I was before..more on that another time, too.

Anyways, all that aside, on to what I wanted to talk about - flirting.

Ever notice someone that you would like to get to know better? Ever look over and see
someone looking back at you? Are you afraid of letting someone know how you feel because
you are afraid they might not be interested? Well you’re not alone. Nearly all of us at some point
in our lives have felt this way. If you really want to get that person’s attention, and find out if they could be interested in you, then learn to flirt.

Flirting is a great way to seek out the information that you want. It also does not have to be very
emotional - but emotional levels definitely make things easier. If the other person doesn’t respond then you can move on to someone or something else. Knowing how to flirt effectively is the key to getting them interested and keeping them that way. Let's look at ways people do flirt and offer some tips on how to do it effectively.

First off, keep in mind that although flirting is relatively harmless, you are playing with another’s emotions. Flirting with someone your not interested in just isn’t nice..but it's good practice! :-p

The next thing is not to worry about what you say as much as how you look and what you are doing. When someone sees you, they give slightly over half of their attention to how you look. Make sure you look nice and are dressed for the occasion. You just want to be noticed, not to shock people.

The next item of importance is your body language. About one third of their attention will go to
this. Watch what you do. Make sure you not doing anything embarrassing with your hands or
moving about to much. Stand up straight, don’t slouch and look confident.

Finally, a small part of flirting does go to what is said. Try to stay calm. If you are naturally funny or charming, then use this to your advantage; if not, then the less said, the better - just try to engage in a friendly conversation, or "banter".

To find out if that special someone is interested in you, try flirting. By flirting, you will draw
attention and hopefully attract the one that you want. By paying attention to how you look, what you do and what you say [to a degree], you could be well on your way to finding that special someone.

Keep in mind that flirting should be fun, not torture. However, everyday, millions of us let opportunities go by due to a fear of flirting.

A fear of flirting is quite common, even among the most confident of people. There are those that can run multi-national corporations, get up in front of thousands of people and talk, but when it comes to flirting with a possible love interest, that confidence goes completely out the window.

This fear of flirting comes from the fear of crashing and burning. If one attempts to flirt and
bombs badly, this is a total self-confidence killer. It doesn’t matter what type of high-powered
person you are, getting the shove from a possible love interest shatters your self-image.

To get past this, try ignoring that little voice in your head. Think of all your successes and simply go for it.

The fear of flirting can also stem from lack of experience. Some people don’t know how to flirt, or they flirt very badly. Again, this can lead to potentially crashing and killing your self confidence.

To get over this, try practicing with/on a friend. They can tell you if you’re likely to succeed or make a complete fool out of yourself..but then again, keep in mind that women's adive can many times be wayyyyyyyy off what they actually want [topic for another time, but basically, women have an idea or concept of the things that they want, but they actually are hard-wired to respond to completely different things].

The fear of flirting can also come from not knowing the appropriate time or occasion. Many are
reluctant to approach women in bars or night clubs because of their connotations. Flirting at
work can also present problems.

Keep in mind that there really isn’t a right or wrong place to flirt. Just be aware of where you are and make sure your technique is good.

Finally, some fear flirting because of what it could bring. They fear approaching a person,
successfully chatting, and then finding out that they are horrible. What to do in those occasions
sends people into a panic. If you do start to flirt with someone and you realize that this isn’t the
person for you, be polite. Excuse yourself and go. Don’t be rude or try to sneak out of the place

Flirting is nothing to be afraid of and is mastered through doing. Get used to the idea that we all
crash and burn at some point in our lives, so flirting isn’t going to be any different. If you live in
fear of the possible consequences of flirting, then you’re likely never to meet anyone.

In other words, just get out there, and go get your flirt on with some women!


Sunday, September 7, 2008

Going Out Alone, Kinoescalation Tips, and Getting the Phone Number

I was taking a break from studying Micro, when I started thinking [a lot] about HBAmazon, whom I've been seeing at the most inopportune times lately, and finally had a perfect opening..if only I'd seen it [or rather, her] on Friday - and it [or rather, she] is obviously still on my mind.

And then, my roommate apparently couldn't not run into her today, studying near her at the library, and then ending up at the gym at the same time as her, too - and as luck would have it, he didn't take his cell phone with him the whole day, so he couldn't hit me up to let me know that all of this was going down..awesome

Anyways, I started thinking about how I need to close this [as in, I need to, and how to go about doing so], and these ideas started flying around in my head.

For example, we have exams coming up in 2 weeks..but most other terms don't. Am I going to have people to go out with? Should that even be an issue?

I personally kind of like going out alone. It's less hassle getting everything organized, you don't have to wait for your friends to get there, you don't have the distraction of standing around talking to your buddies, and it's a great feeling to leave your house alone and come back with a beautiful woman. It also makes approaching WAY easier because if you don't approach you're just standing around by yourself, which is not particularly fun.

When I first started going out alone, I always felt like EVERYONE in the bar knew I was there by myself and was judging me for it. So one night I decided to do an experiment. I went to a bar and stood in the middle of the bar by myself, not talking to anybody. I was fully expecting people to give me dirty looks or make comments, but nothing happened. Then the next night I went out alone again and this time did a bunch of approaches, I was sure every group was going to ask me where my friends were. And it never happened. Because people really don't care. The biggest hurdle to going out alone is getting over the feeling that people will think you're less cool for being out alone.

Ok so let's look at some things that can be done to fix that worry or fear.

1. Getting in the batter's box. This is something a buddy once said to me that has always stuck. He said the hardest part of going out alone is getting yourself going. I know how it is, you're sitting around your house debating with yourself about whether to go out or stay in. You list all the reasons for and against going out, flip through your phone looking for girls you could call to come over, etc.. But what if instead of that, you simply started to get ready. While you're debating with yourself, hop in the shower, or shave or pick out an outfit for that night. This will help get the ball rolling and then once you're clean, shaved, dressed'll feel like you have to go out.

2. Approach the first girl you see in the venue. Nothing kills your state when you're out alone faster than standing around with a drink in your hand. So instead as soon as you walk into the venue, start talking to the first girl you see. If there aren't any girls in the bar yet, then talk to the first guy you see. A lot of guys underestimate the power of being talkative. The more of a talkative mood you're in, the easier it will be to approach.

3. Set a certain number of approaches you HAVE to do. It doesn'thave to be overly ambitious, but make sure that you set a goal for the amount of approaches you have to do and don't let yourself go home until you complete them.

4. Establish a home base. This is one of the best and easiest things to do when you go out by yourself. A home base is where you're going to be when you are in between approaches. You don't want to be standing by yourself, so you make friends with either a group of girls you're not interested in gaming or a group of guys. Then you periodically check in with them throughout the night when you need a break or there aren't any girls you're interested in approaching.

Remember: going out alone is either normal or weird based on how YOU feel about it.

So now, let's say you're out and talking to a girl you're interested in. YOU MUST START TOUCHING ASAP!

It doesn't matter if you're not comfortable touching girls. That's fine, I was not a naturally touchy guy either.

So what I did was I came up with a simple structure to guide my touching. It went like this:

1. Playful touching - This is stuff like playfully shoving her, flicking her on the arm, patting her pompously, etc..this is the stuff that happens early on. With touching the earlier you do it, the more you will seem like a naturally touchy guy.

2. Hand touching - This is stuff like high-fives, thumb wars, playfully slapping her hand, and so on.

3. Arm in arm - This will happen as you're qualifying girls. She says something you like, you take her hand, place it on your arm and say "That's all you get". You can also do this when you're moving a girl by asking her if she's the romantic type and holding your arm out for her to link through.

4. Arm around - This is another reward type of touching. She says or does something you like, so you pull her in by her waist. There's an easy way to tell if she's attracted here, because she will put her arm back around you if she likes it.

5. Hand holding - The best way to hand-hold, is to suggest moving and then holding your hand back for her to grab.

6. Kissing - There's a variety of ways to kiss, but my soon-to-be favorite is what's called "The Almost Kiss". This is where in the middle of talking to her, you stop and say "I'm sorry, I'm having a really hard time talking to you, becauseI keep thinking about kissing you. But I understand we're not ready for that yet. So we're going to do an almost kiss. We're going to get really close, but you're not allowed to kiss me and I'm not allowed to kiss you. If you kiss me, it will ruin all trust in our relationship". Then you lean forward and get as close to her lips as you can without touching them. Then you push her away and go back to talking. 5-10 minutes later you can go back in for another almost kiss, at which point the girl will almost always kiss you.

The key with touching is that you have to act like it's the most normal thing in the world.

Ok, so now let's say things have progressed even better, and you need to get her number [i.e. no SNL in this case :-p].

Something to keep in mind: women give out their phone numbers all the time. The phone number isn't worth the paper it's written on, or the phone it's stored in. Sometimes women will even give you their phone number to get rid of you. This isn't the seventies when a phone number meant something. Every girl who has a cell phone, has caller ID..and she can pretty much avoid any guy she wants to, and guess what - she may want to avoid you.

The major mistake most guys make here, is not setting up a date. Getting phone numbers and agreeing to "see each other again sometime" are stairways to heaven. Instead what you want to do is suggest an activity at a specific time and place that you guys can do together. This could be as simple as mentioning how you're going to a comedy show this Thursday early in the conversation, and then bringing it up again and inviting her when you want to get her phone number. By making her commit to a certain time and place, you will see if she's actually interested or if she's just being polite. For example, this way she can say "I'm sorry I'm busy that night..", and if she doesn't suggest alternative plans, you know you have a potential flake on your hands.

Now there are a few other mistakes guys commonly make, as well. First is waiting too long to call her. On a cold approach, you want to call the very next day. The reason being, she doesn't have a whole lot invested in you, unlike a guy in her social circle, whom she'll have to see again.

Then there's waiting an ungodly amount of time to follow up if/when she doesn't call you back. Forget all the "3-day rules" and "5-day rules" you hear about; you want to keep following up every day or other day until you either get her on the phone, or you get distracted by all the other girls you have in the pipeline. You do have other girls in the pipeline, right?

Remember, this is the real world, and not every girl that you think you have a connection with is going to call you back.

The solution is to go out [alone if need be] and meet more women.


Saturday, August 30, 2008

More of Vivica


I Love Vivica Fox

and she was, at least at the time of this interview, single - for me to snatch her up..


Friday, August 15, 2008

Campus Game

I have a quick minute, so I wanted to write a fast post on something I noticed while watching a few people interacting with each other in between class earlier today. And it deals with the two different categories that a guy can/does usually fall into when he's out and about, spitting game or whatever.

For example, there's a difference between the guy who jumps around acting drunk all night, and the guy who ends up between the sheets with the hot girl from the volleyball team.

Both types of guys start off their night seemingly the same..smiles, laughs, fun, a few drinks. But at some point in the night, the two split ways: the one type of guy gets laid; the other type of guy gets pizza and maybe some mozzarella sticks.

Now, I'm not hating on mozzarella sticks at all, I think they're amazing -but like anything else in life, they have their time and place.

So what's the difference between the two types of guys?

It's the ability to lead.

The guys that can lead can get people to follow. Those that cannot lead, simply can't.

So ask yourself this: can you lead a group of guys to a late night bar spot? Will they listen to you? Or will you simply "go with the flow"?

And more importantly - can you lead a girl to the bedroom? Or do you just hope for the best?

Leadership makes the difference, especially when it comes to campus-style game.

A girl sees you leading = attraction.

A girl notices you are leading your conversation with her = attraction.

You lead a girl to the bedroom = fun time.

So today's lesson, if you haven't figured it out yet?


In all situations, take it upon yourself to lead. To make things happen. Get the plans going. Lead conversations confidently. Get comfortable being this new you.

Lead, and the girls will follow.